Road Trip!

the Little Red Reviewer

Where have I been this last week?

At my parent’s house in Maryland.  Had a great time, got to spend time with my adorable niece who is the cutest little girl in the whole world, got to visit with Lesley Conner of Apex Book Company . .  . .  and got to spent in total about 22 hours in the car.  it was a long drive made easy by the Ohio and PA turnpike, and good weather.  Driving through the mountains is fun!

also, podcasts kept me from pulling my hair out.

So, i SUCK at listening to podcasts.  Audiobooks put me to sleep, and podcasts usually make me feel guilty about not reading enough, or self caring enough, or not whatevering enough.  I don’t want a podcast that’s like a radio station’s morning show, where it’s all in jokes and personalities I’m supposed to already know. Let it be…

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